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My Mom got me a new heater

My Mom got me a new heater.

I had been looking for a new electric space furnace for a couple of months.

I thought it would be the best time to buy a furnace since it is off season, however they should be on sale right now, then at least that is what I thought. I could not find a nice deal on a furnace though. I got tired of looking after a few weeks of searching everywhere I could suppose of. I still kept my eye open for a single, however I wasn’t diligently looking after the first few weeks… My Mom must be much better at finding things than I am because he found a nice electric space furnace for me, plus it was half off. I have no idea how he found such a nice deal, but he said that it wasn’t hard, but he certainly found it online. He had it shipped to his home because he wanted to make sure the furnace was nice quality before he offered it to me. He must have thought that it was a ncie furnace because he brought it over to my home Last year. It is a really nice furnace in my opinion. I have never had such a nice space furnace in my life. It has so numerous possibilities on it. My furnaces only had high, medium, plus low options, however the furnace that he got me has numerous more options, plus I suppose it is pretty cool. This furnace also has a control unit, so once the room reaches the desired temperature, it turns off. My other furnace did not do that. It just kept heating, plus my room would get up to ninety degrees sporadically if I forgot to turn the furnace off. I enjoy my new heater!


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