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My mom’s rabbit just ruined her air conditioning

My mom’s rabbit just ruined her air conditioning.

My Dad called myself and others this afternoon, plus I was quite surprised with what she had to tell me. She said that her rabbit got loose in the loft before she had to go to work, plus she did not have time to find her before she left. Well, she told myself and others that she got loft from labor that afternoon, plus the loft was quite a bit warmer than usual. She went to check plus see if the air conditioning was still on, plus it wasn’t. She tried to turn it back on, but nothing happened. She looked down, plus the cord was completely chewed in multiple. She thought for sure her rabbit didn’t make it because she chewed the cord to the air conditioning while it was running. Well, it turns out her rabbit is completely fine. Her air conditioning is the only thing that is not okay. She doesn’t believe that she should try to rewire the cord plus electrical tape it but she thinks she could do it. She just wants to be safe, then now, she is going to have to buy a new air conditioning because of her rabbit. She told myself and others that she wishes she would have just been late for labor plus caught the rabbit so that she didn’t have to buy a new air conditioning. I would provide her our old air conditioning, although I don’t know where it is, plus the air conditioning is so old that I am not sure if it even works still.


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