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My husband Luke is a heating and cooling technician

The main thing that I like about it is the way that he provides for our family so well

My husband Luke has been a heating and cooling technician for as long as I have known him, which has been about twenty years now. We are going to be celebrating our twentieth anniversary in just a couple of months, and I can’t wait to go on the cruise that we have booked to celebrate. We actually booked the cruise with money that Luke earned as a bonus at the HVAC company where he works. He does really well there and all of the heating and cooling customers seem to love him. He gets requested a lot from their return customers, and his employers know that the customers love him. In return, they try to keep him happy too. They give him several bonuses a year and this last one was just enough to cover the cruise for our anniversary trip. I think that it’s going to be great, and I am very thankful that Luke works in a profession where he is appreciated and rewarded well for all of his hard work. I think that the heating and cooling profession is definitely where he belongs, since he loves his job and basically everything about it. The main thing that I like about it is the way that he provides for our family so well. When we first got married, I had my doubts about him having a career as an HVAC technician, but I would have to say that he has done very well for our family at this job! I’m glad, too, because I couldn’t imagine him doing anything else.

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