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Everybody really enjoyed the cooling hats at the fair this year

I take my family to the fair every year. One thing that has troubled us at times is how blazin hot it is with lack of air conditioning. So we were surprised this last time when we went and there was a vendor selling cooling hats. I had never heard of cooling hats before, but they are an interesting invention where you get cooling for your head by soaking these hats in water. The hats work to absorb the water and hold the water for a long period of time. The natural cool water provides the cooling effect through the day and the hat also repels the heating energy from the sun which allows you to be even cooler! I was skeptical that the cooling hats would even work for us, but everybody loves them! They even sell an attachment fan if you want to go around like that. I thought I would look stupid, but my kids wanted the fan attachments and so did my wife. They were perfectly cool through the day, more so than I was. I probably should have purchased the fan attachment as well. I mean in a way it’s cool because it has a mini solar panel that keeps the battery charged through the day to provide cooling for a long period of time. I told my buddies about these hats when we got back and they said it sounded like they worked great and they wanted to get some too! I told them were to pick them up. I do wonder if they will get the fan attachments. They look kind of goofy but they work so well at providing the perfect cooling for your head.

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