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My boyfriend insisted that I use HEPA filters at my place

When my boyfriend kept telling me that I needed to invest in HEPA filters, I kept shrugging it off.

He kept stressing it and I finally went off on him.

I asked him how in the world I was going to pay for HEPA filters. I asked him if he knew how expensive they were. Then he said he knew an online HVAC supplier that sold the HEPA filters for pretty cheap. I asked to see these HEPA filters and they were only slightly more money than the air filters I was getting at the HVAC system. I couldn’t believe it and he was right, I could afford these after all. I apologize for yelling at him, but he said he wouldn’t use HEPA filters at his place if they were any more costly than what he found them for online. I just didn’t know that people could really find such amazing deals for HVAC components online. Honestly, if I would have known where to find the best HEPA filters for a good price, I probably would have always gotten them and had excellent air quality this whole time. Instead my air quality was just so-so but at least it wasn’t terrible. It was funny seeing the reaction of my friends and family for the first time when they came to visit. Everybody was amazed with my improved air quality and thought I had an air purification system, but I told them I was just using HEPA filters. They seemed surprised and wondered how I could afford them, and I told them about the sweet online deals that my boyfriend told me about!

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