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I’m a simple lady with an easy going lifestyle

Many folks have ambition, and upward mobility, but I don’t.

I’m a simple lady, my needs are few, and my free time and happiness outweigh the need to have a giant bank account.

Some people I worked beside have moved up in the company, and I wish them well. They wanted more out of life, but that’s not my plan. This job has fantastic benefits, it pays well, and gives a cost of living raise once a year. Not to mention I never have to work more than 40 hours a week. Why would I swap the life of an Heating & A/C tech just for a little bit more money? Most nights and weekends are always free, and since the Heating & A/C company doesn’t drug test for weed, I can smoke and drink as much as I want during this time. This place is actually legit, and the manager is a sweetheart but has strict rules about the conduct of their Heating & A/C techs. Since we interact with the public, we serve as representatives for the Heating & A/C company owners. That’s why we always need to be neat, clean, polite, and on time. Showing up smelling of booze or reefer at any point will result in termination, and I savor my position as an Heating & A/C tech too much to jeopardize it. It isn’t a large company, so if I got serious about climbing the ladder of the Heating & A/C industry I would need to speak to a bigger manager. But I’m cheerful right where I am, and as long as nothing changes, I could see being an Heating & A/C tech for many more years

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