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Being the right-hand man for the HVAC technician

I walked into Barry’s house carrying a pair of six-packs.

We both worked in construction, and it had been two weeks of nothing but hard work, and all we wanted was to relax.

Since nobody was in the mood for grilling burgers, we ordered a pizza with extra toppings. An air conditioning expert came as we waited for the drinks to chill in the fridge. Barry had called the local service provider for HVAC maintenance. According to his a/c care program, it was time for the annual servicing, but the a/c care included ductwork cleaning this time around. Since the pizza had not yet arrived and the drinks had not yet chilled, I decided to be the HVAC technician’s right-hand man, and maybe I could learn more about HVAC. I was surprised to find out that Barry had an indoor air cleaning system. Since we work in the construction business, constantly exposed to dust, I was astonished that he was that particular about his indoor air quality. I hadn’t even gotten around to buying a simple air purifier for the bedroom. The air conditioning install was enough for me, and maybe when I finally got a family, I would upgrade to something more than an ac filter. I did, however, take a/c care seriously. Quality ac service was always among the top things for home maintenance. In two hours, we finished everything. It was a very enlightening experience, and it was the first topic we discussed when the tech left. A summer afternoon, relaxing on the deck with a friend, was what We needed to re-energize in preparation for the coming week.


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