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Improving the air quality in the mega house near the quarry

I was watching a show last evening about beautiful architectural residential houses when a house I worked on was featured.

This house was built near a quarry and the way it camouflaged and worked with the environment was fascinating.

The architect behind the masterpiece was saying in the interview how much it was a challenge to build it. The stones were properly placed and a six-foot bolder sat at a corner in the sitting room. The boulder had been there when the house was being built and the architect decided to build around them. It was such a beautiful piece of architecture. I had been there to install an indoor air cleaning system. Though the house was beautiful, the air quality was greatly affected by the dust from the abandoned quarry. To correct this issue, the owner had visited the local service provider and the senior air conditioning expert had recommended he install an air purifier as he was doing the air conditioning install. The job was scheduled for early Wednesday morning. It was a hot spring morning but beautiful all the same. When we started driving up to the house, there was a gush of wind that carried all the dust up the hill. Such a house needed a very effective a/c care program to only improve indoor comfort but maintain the proper function of the unit. According to all I had learned about HVAC, the house needed more frequent ductwork cleaning and air filter replacement. To restore the quality of air, we executed the quality ac service session with just a team of three HVAC technicians. The HVAC maintenance exercise took about an hour. We also shared an effective a/c care guideline with the owner.

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