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I’ll show him who is the best HVAC technician.

My brother and I were born three minutes apart, but that didn’t stop me from letting them know ‌I was older than he was. Being twins is often associated with being able to talk to each other without words, and being closer than normal. For my brother and I, being twins meant driving my mother crazy because we were so competitive. It. took little to make my brother and I argue. Our latest and greatest argument came when dad told me ‌I was the best HVAC technician he could ever have. I had to gloat to my brother about what my father said, and he was livid. You would’ve thought that my father had just threatened to disown him, instead of not giving him the distinction of being this month’s HVAC technician of the year.We were now on a mission to prove to our father which one of us truly was the best HVAC technician. My brother had never installed radiant heated flooring before, but that didn’t stop him from volunteering to do the job. An hour after heading out for the job, he had to call and request backup. Unbeknownst to my father, I was the only one available to go help him. When my brother saw me pull up in the service van, he was angrier than ever. He couldn’t believe our father had sent me out to work on the radiant heated flooring with him. I thought our rivalry was bad when we were younger, but now that we are older it is getting even worse. I just hope that someday my brother realizes ‌we are both excellent HVAC technician, and one day we will jointly own the HVAC company.


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