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Designing a business plan for an HVAC local service provider

After working for one of the biggest companies in the state for seven years, I was ready to start my company.

It was not surprising that my bosses were very crucial and helpful in building my company.

I remember when I was toying with the idea of starting my company, a colleague of mine asked if I knew how to create a business plan. I had no idea how to. My colleague explained that it would help narrow down which field I wanted to specialize in. I consulted a lot of the senior HVAC technicians with a lot more experience and who know more about HVAC. As I was researching how to create the business plan, I asked myself questions that helped me realize that I was leaning more on air conditioning installs as well as indoor air cleaning systems. My goal was to be the ultimate local service provider in the state. For my business to achieve that, I needed to partner with or employ the best air conditioning expert in the business. This move would secure quality ac services and HVAC maintenance. I included this mission on the business plan which helped me list other services that the company would be providing including a/c care services. These services included ductwork cleaning as well as a/c filter cleaning. To conquer the saturated market, businesses needed to follow a very efficient and effective a/c care program, the best in the industry. This would promote the air quality for our customers and increase air purifier sales. It took me a month to have the business plan ready. Three years later, I am running a successful business.



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