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The new indoor air cleaning system completely improved his life

This explains why the a/c system had stopped working.

In this line of work, I enjoy providing services to all but especially the ones unable to provide for themselves or face challenges while at it. At times our job takes us to customers that are elderly and living alone. I remember we once helped a senior customer who was having issues with his air purifier. The system had malfunctioned and thus put a strain on his a/c system. The air conditioning install took place shortly after the installation of the air cleaner about three years back. Though the local service provider had provided a functional a/c care program, the customer had not been able to keep up with the required HVAC maintenance because of memory. The systems were in poor condition. The neighbor had helped him schedule a quality ac service with us since we knew more about HVAC, being HVAC technicians. The house was in bad condition, it was dirty and unkempt. Fortunately, we found his neighbor helping him clean it out. We started with the first steps in the a/c care program which include replacing the air filters and ductwork cleaning. The vents and filters were covered in murk and gunk. It was impossible for airflow. This explains why the a/c system had stopped working. We continued with the a/c care and were able to revive the unit. To further improve the air quality, we installed a new indoor air cleaning system. The smile on his face warmed my heart. Later that day I visited him and found that his house had been cleaned and he was so joyous, laughing and even made us some ice tea.

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