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It isn’t usual that I take special offers texted to me, however my local electric supplier has been sending these texts for the last year about giving away a smart temperature control to anyone who wanted one, but I thought surely this is some kind of spam and had to have a catch! No one was going to give away hundreds if not thousands of smart temperature controls for free! Well, I called them finally to inquire and there was no catch. They were giving away all these smart temperature controls because they had a whole back stock of them that they couldn’t sell. This was because most people buy temperature controls from an outlet store or their local heating and A/C supplier, and so after finding out the facts I took the offer and got the smart temperature control. I never intended on getting a smart temperature control for my house because I didn’t think of them and was used to my old dial temperature control. Well I am glad I got it and tried it out because I love it. The smart temperature control is so convenient by being able to control my central heating and A/C plan from virtually anywhere in the house or even the world! Not to mention the smart temperature control helps in reducing energy use of the heating and a/c; And to think, I got the smart temperature control for free, then you can not beat that! I guess I should have done this a lot sooner when they first sent out the texts, although I was just too skeptical about a catch being there.

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