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I finally upgraded to a programmable thermostat

Well the time we finally came where it was time for me to finally say goodbye to my old dial thermostat and get something more new and moderate.

I was excited about getting a brand new smart thermostat, everyone else in my family had gotten one and I heard nothing but good things about them and so I figured I would be able to enjoy them just as much as my family did. In order to experience the smart thermostat magic though first I had to buy one, easy enough. We have a local heat in the AC provider. The local heating and cooling corporation had plenty of smart and programmable thermostats available to choose from. I didn’t think of my choice too much and just went with the same one that my family and friends have gotten. I was so happy and relieved when I saw that I could install it easily myself and then have to have any help from a heating and AC worker like I would with a central HVAC unit. It took me about an hour with the instructions so I figured it out and got it successfully installed. Then I connected it to the Wi-Fi so I can control it from the app on my phone. I must say the app worked amazingly and I could easily adjust my temperature exactly to my liking. I just knew even from this first experience that it was going to be great. Having a programmable thermostat is such an upgrade.


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