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My air conditioner was in real trouble

If you have a heating or cooling system that is leaking water you know you have a very serious problem on your hands.

This was the exact situation I came home to. I came home one day after just picking up the kids from school and we all walked into the house to step in large puddles of water. I gasped out of shock and quickly got the kids out of the water. Then I follow the trail of the water to see what in the world was causing all of this leaking in the house. The trail of water led back to the heating and cooling system. I had no idea what was causing this kind of a leak but I knew that it was serious and that my heating and AC company was needed right now. I hurriedly scheduled an appointment with the local heating and AC company and since this was an emergency I paid extra to have emergency HVAC services. The water was all over and the heating and cooling worker told me that my HVAC system was about to shut down for good. I didn’t hear what it cost, I just wanted it fixed. The heating and AC worker spent hours working on the heating and cooling unit to repair it. After a lot of repairs and some extra parts that were finally fixed again but now I was going to have to pay extra for the damage to the floor from the water. Talk about some bad luck! I hope to get it fixed soon.

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