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Restoring the old air conditioning unit

There is nothing that I love more than taking something that is old and beaten up and restoring it to its former glory.

This is exactly what I got to do with an old air conditioning system.

It was a ductless mini split AC that someone had just thrown in the garbage. The thing is, this air conditioning system still worked! It was just dirty and it needed a good cleaning but apart from that it was a perfectly functional air conditioning system. I couldn’t understand why somebody would just want to throw it away. I decided I would fix it up a bit and then keep it for myself. The first order of duty was to give it a good cleaning. I disassembled it and soaked everything really well before manually scrubbing and cleaning all the outer and inner parts to make sure they were clean. Then I reassembled the ductless mini split AC. When I was originally repairing it I thought it would take a long time before it would be ready to be used but this was not the case. It was ready to be used and only a day later I was able to get up and running really quickly. Now I have a brand new, or at least to me it’s brand new air conditioning system that I can use whenever I want and I didn’t have to pay a cent for it. I already had all the tools on hand. You can’t beat free.


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