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Cold Christmas mix-up

For many years my family has been congregating at our grandparents home for Christmas.

  • It has been a crazy year so I really haven’t been in contact with anyone on any changes that may have come up.

We have two teenagers that are in their senior year of high school and with all of the sporting events and college preparation there has been no time. Without bothering to call anyone I simply packed up the car and we headed out for the three hour drive to get to their house, only to find no one home when we got there. We were all very confused because the house wasn’t even decorated for the holidays. Because we’d always decided to leave technology behind I didn’t even have a cell phone to call anyone. I use the spare key under the mat to go inside and call my brother to see what was up. When I walked in and I noticed that the house was really cold and I went to the thermostat to change it. I was surprised to find one of those smart thermostats have been installed and the temperature setting was down to 60 degrees. I called to find out that my grandparents had decided to go to Florida and visit friends for the holidays instead of staying home but at that point it was too late to turn around and drive back to our house. We would have to spend the night at my grandparents and I would have to try to figure out how to adjust the thermostat because apparently it was controlled by their cell phones. Who know that my grandparents would have more modern technology than I did. I had to call my grandpa to have him adjust the temperature for the evening. He apologize for the misunderstanding but said that if I had taken the time to call them at any point I would have known about the change.

furnace/heater tune-up

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