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Outside living space

We are enjoying sitting outside during our short summer season.

In the Northeast we must take advantage of every opportunity to be outdoors. Those that live in the south and the southwest have a hard time comprehending that we have to squeeze so much into just a few short months. Before you know it we will be buttoning up the house and turning on the heat again. I don’t want to think about that right now. It is early July and I am just going to enjoy what we have. We decided to create an outdoor living area of sorts. I say of sorts because when it is 10 degrees below zero we will not be using it. In order to extend out time outside we must have a way to circulate air and heat it when needed. Our choices included ceiling fans and portable heaters. We do have electricity so that helps with both of these. I contacted our HVAC dealership in town and they suggested a few different models of heaters. One looked like a fireplace and the other was an infrared heater. I took a ride to look at both and we decided on the one that looked like a fireplace. It not only looks great in the room but provides enough heat to take the chill off the room. We did put up removable walls so that when it is hot out we can just take them down and enjoy the outside air. I am thinking later on we may decide to make it a more permanent structure. At that time we will simply add another zone to the current system to accommodate that space as well.

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