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Enough is enough

I moved around quite a bit during my life.

Climate was not always my choice as I grew up military and then married into the service as well.

My father was stationed down south for most of my life and we had central air conditioning so life was tolerable. I say tolerable because I am not a fan of the heat and humidity. When I graduated high school I moved to the Pacific Northeast where the climate, although damp, is much more moderate. Many homes there have small space or wall heaters and tend not to have air conditioning. I love living where I can open the windows almost year round and enjoy the fresh air. This summer however, we have been experiencing record breaking heat for weeks. Thought of spending the rest of the summer like this is maddening. I have contacted the local HVAC dealer but his is so overwhelmed with appointments that he can not schedule mine for at least 3 weeks. This is such an unusual time for everyone that we are all scrambling to find relief. This is a great benefit to all of the business owners in town because people are heading anywhere with air conditioning to cool off. The theaters, restaurants, and malls are packed with people all the time. Although, great for the economy, it is not so great for our pocketbooks. I know that I am spending money that we had put away for our savings on extra items as well. I think we will look into a portable unit for the bedroom and just suffer through the rest of summer at this point. During the off season we will try contacting the HVAC dealer again to find out our options for next summer.

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