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inexperienced renovations

After many years of living in military housing we finally moved back to my husband’s hometown.

  • Ford before we can settle in we had to find a house that we can afford to purchase.

The problem was that in our youth we didn’t take the time to put away funds for a large down payment that was needed. We ended up purchasing a fixer-upper and decided that we could do much of the projects ourselves. Now mind you this was over 40 years ago and the options that we have today were not available. There were no YouTube videos to help you with projects that you had no idea how to complete and no online contracting services. Much of what we did was simply by trial-and-error and unfortunately, more error than success. We are now at the point where we are thinking of putting the house on the market so that we can downsize since our children are grown, and we have discovered that there are some major repairs that need to be done before we can do that. The biggest expense we are going to encounter is the fact that our HVAC system needs to be upgraded and or replaced completely. Thankfully we have the expertise of a quality HVAC dealer and his technicians to complete the job. Based upon the recommendation we will be removing the boiler system that we installed and replacing with a combination hot water tank and heat system that provides hot water on demand and saves money each month. But we will still be able to utilize the baseboard register is but they will be adding several in different locations to give us a more even heating throughout the house. I’m glad we are at a point now that we can leave these repairs up to the experts.

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