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Stuffy Christmas Party

I was put in charge of our office Christmas party this year and I was really nervous.

The coordinator that had taken care of it for the past 10 year had retired and the torch had been passed down to me.

What bothered me the most was the fact that no one really like the parties in the past. We always ended up stuck in the basement of the building with some lame DJ spinning some awful renditions of sappy Christmas carols. That wasn’t even the worst part, the HVCA system in the building was so ancient that there was no real ventilation in that part of the building I was determined to make this year’s party better and an enjoyable. The first change I made was the location. We rented out a venue in town that was known for hosting large parties with great success. I made sure to ask about their HVAC system to ensure we would be comfortable. They told me that they had installed a new systems just last year and it was state of the art. It even had a separate air handler to ensure that the room would have proper ventilation. My next thing was to find a live band that could play contemporary music along with Holiday favorites. I think this year’s party will be a hit and hopefully most people will look forward to celebrating together. Just having at a new location with a proper HVAC system should make a huge difference to most. We will even be having a gift exchange from Secret Santa. It should be fun.



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