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My favorite place to go is anywhere with air conditioning

My favorite place to go is anywhere with air conditioning.

It really confuses me that my friends don’t understand how much I hate the heat even though I tell them all of the time. I think that they purposely invite me to things out in the heat even though they know that I won’t go with them because it is too warm. I prefer to go anywhere with air conditioning, and I definitely don’t like to go places without air conditioning unless it is nice and cool outside. It has been quite hard to deal with the heat this summer. It has been much warmer than last summer, and I really don’t like it. I need air conditioning just about everywhere that I go. I have found a few places that I love to go to because the air conditioning there is great. There is a little coffee shop next to my house that has great air conditioning, so I love to go there. There is also a local grocery store that has really great air conditioning, so I always go grocery shopping there even though it is a bit more expensive than the other stores in the area. I just can’t get over how much I love air conditioning. It makes my friends laugh, but I just have to have air conditioning, or I get quite miserable. My favorite restaurant to go to is always really cold. My friends hate going there because it is usually around sixty-five degrees or less in the restaurant. I once asked a manager why the restaurant was so cold, so she told me that it was because there was something wrong with the air conditioning system. It was either that cold or no air conditioning at all.



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