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I need to still work out

I am ready for kids but I dread being pregnant.

I do a gymnastic based workout every day. I could be doing walkovers or hand stands that are like lifting weights. I could be doing back handsprings or tucks that work my legs and abs. I also could be doing cartwheels or front handsprings that are crazy cardio work. No matter what I do, my whole body is getting worked out weekly. I get weight training, cardio, stretching, balancing training and stoma work. I look really good and I am proud of that fact. I also like achieving a new gymnastic element because I have drilled for it. When I get pregnant, there will be a point that I have to cut my workouts. I know that I can still workout and do the same stuff early on in the pregnancy. Eventually I will be too big to do a tuck or a front handspring. I also know there is a certain part in the pregnancy where they don’t let you lift a certain weight or get your heart rate up. That totally ruins the point of working out! How do I stay in good shape while being pregnant? I don’t want to just sit around and eat all day. Going for walks seem so lame. I wonder if I can ride a bike or do some squats. I think I am going to be an insane pregnant woman looking for a way to workout. It is almost like a drug. Working out is my crack cocaine or my whiskey at night. I don’t know how I can give it up.

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