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I prefer temperature control environments for activities

In the summer, my whole family looks forward to a variety of activities.

We pack up a cooler for snacks and drinks and head to theme parks, water parks, the zoo, the aquarium, the fair and all sorts of adventures.

My wife and kids and I are always especially happy to attend the fair held at the convention center. It’s fun to see what new attractions they’ve added each year. There are all kinds of games and shows at the fair. We can go on rides, browse the wares of artists and craftspeople, and run into cartoon actors from their favorite shows and movies. My favorite thing about the convention center fair is that the climate is temperature controlled. We live in an area where the summer weather is unpredictable. There are those years when the temperature remains chilly and it rains nearly every day. The skies are cloudy and it’s unpleasant to be outside. At other times, summers are unbearably humid with temperatures in the high eighties. Air conditioning is a necessity. We can’t step outside without putting on tons of sun black. My family attends indoor and outdoor activities. While we try to make every outing a great time, the weather can be a deciding factor. It’s just not pleasant walking around shivering, dripping with sweat or getting rained on. Especially when we have the kids along, it’s best if everyone is comfortable and happy. They can get really grumpy if they are overheated or shivering. Being in an air conditioned environment is helpful to ensuring a worthwhile experience. I am always thankful when I am buying out tickets to an indoor and temperature controlled event. I don’t need to worry about what the weather is going to bring.. I know we will at least be comfortable.
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