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Installing high velocity HVAC into older house

My friends and I play a card game called euchre every Tuesday night.

The four of us get together at each other’s homes on a rotating basis.

I own an older home house. It was built in 1890. The home was never outfitted with a centralized heating or cooling system. Because there is no access to ductwork, I always got through the summer heat by running window cooling units. Other than investing a ton of money into renovations, I assumed that was my only option. Window air conditioners are fairly inexpensive, very compact and easy to install. They handled temperature control fairly well in the single rooms. Living alone, I only needed to cool one room at a time. Whenever I hosted our card game in the summer, the house typically felt overheated and humid. I would run every window cooling unit at max capacity and add a bunch of electric fans, hoping to keep everyone comfortable. Last time we tried to play euchre at my house, I made sure the fans and vents of the air conditioner were pointed at the kitchen table. It was 88 degrees outside and felt even warmer in the house. My efforts caused our cards to get blown off the table. After almost an hour, we decided it was just too hot and sticky. It actually felt cooler outside. We relocated to the front porch but the bugs chased us back inside. My friends ended up leaving early. That experience encouraged me to start looking into alternatives to central air conditioning. I found a system designed to accommodate older homes. I have invested into a high velocity HVAC system that handles the whole home. I now regulate comfort by way of a central thermostat. I am excited for my turn to host euchre night. My friends will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement.



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