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I’m a natural when it comes to HVAC maintenance because I always had these chores

In my home, we were actually given the chore to clean the ductwork system each year.

My brother and I would have to do a coin toss to see who would get stuck with the chore and it seemed more often than not, I was stuck with the chore. My brother was always happy about that but we honestly should have just traded off with the chore every other year. I got pretty good at cleaning the ductwork though. I would just use the shop vac and the extensions that allowed me to get far into the ductwork. I was able to basically scrub the ductwork and I got most of the dirt out. The important thing was making sure the ductwork was clog free, but it helped to get as much dirt out as possible. This naturally improved the air quality in the home and it regularly made the HVAC system function more efficiently. It’s good that we had chores like that and changed air filters, because I was a natural at taking good care of my HVAC system when I first started living on my own. My wife back then when we first started dating couldn’t believe how great the air quality was in my home. I naturally took the compliments and we became serious. She especially loved it when I took her to my favorite restaurant which had a UV air purification system and a really nice fireplace to enjoy our food next to. My wife always says we should get a fireplace in our home, but I know that’s going to cost a lot to have installed, but it admittedly would be amazing.


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