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No matter what he said, I was purchasing a whole home air purification system.

When the pandemic began, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to push for an air purification system for the house.

I thought I had him convinced, but then he thought there was a lull in the Covid-19 action.

He said that since people were getting out of their houses and allowed to go into restaurants, the immediate danger had passed, and he couldn’t justify purchasing a whole-home air purifier. I was devastated. He wasn’t willing to budge even a little bit about the whole-home air purifier. Then, after a lull of a couple months, there was a new move on Covid and this strain was even more virulent and possibly more deadly. When I brought up the air purifier, he didn’t say too much, but at least he didn’t say no. I didn’t push, but I waited for almost a week before saying anything again. In the meantime, I called the HVAC company and asked for information about the air purifier. I wanted to have information on the cost of having the system installed, and how much maintenance it would require. All of my ducks were in a row by the time I was ready to speak to my husband again. The paperwork was carefully laid on the kitchen table when he came home from work. I couldn’t figure out why he was laughing when he saw the paperwork. When he laid the same paperwork down on the table in front of me, I was shocked. He had stopped at the HVAC company and ordered the air purification system without my saying anything else.

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