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A beautiful fall day

It’s a beautiful October day, and I have a mind to go to the beach very soon.

I need to get a few articles written for my freelance job and then I’m headed to the grocery store for some produce I meant to pick up yesterday.

It is a wonderful 72 degrees outside, and the skies are as blue as can be, so I can’t wait to head out to the beach. One thing I need to do by the end of the day is visit my local heating and air conditioning shop. I want to talk to the HVAC technicians about a little problem I’ve been having with my air conditioner. I could swear that it is actually a much lower temperature in my apartment than the thermostat is telling me. It feels much chillier, despite the fact that I have not changed the temperature on the thermostat. I hardly ever change it, because 75 degrees is perfect for me. And yet, it feels as though it is no more than 70 degrees! My energy bill is a big indicator that something fishy is indeed going on. The balance has gone up significantly since last month. I’ll need to discuss this problem with the HVAC technicians. I’ve speculated that they may tell me that the thermostat itself is probably faulty, and no longer able to accurately gauge the temperature of the room. Perhaps instead, it is the condenser coils that need a thorough cleaning. I’ll never know until I get an HVAC technician over to my apartment. I’m beginning to think that it would be wise of me to go ahead and sign up for an HVAC service plan so that I have regularly scheduled appointments to deal with air conditioning concerns. Ever since our landlord decided to make it our responsibility to tend to our individual air conditioner systems, the rent has gone down, but I still have to deal with the increased responsibility.


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