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How do you get your leg workout in?

Leg day is never my favorite day of exercise, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone when it comes to that sentiment.

I just left the gym that I went to regularly.

I really got tired of paying for a gym membership and having to pay for gas to drive all the way out there when the workout environment wasn’t all that great, and I realized that I could do plenty of the same workouts without having to pay for the heavy gym equipment. For example, one of my HVAC technician friends showed me a simple leg workout that I could do on the beach. I tie bags full of sand to my legs while I do lunges and broad jumps, among other leg exercises. Working at my HVAC company has been rough on my knees as of late. They have been sore for quite some time, but this morning, they seem to have healed up a bit, so I decided to do my leg exercises. I have a different friend who is an HVAC technician at my job who likes to run for the sake of fitness nearly every day. I’ve been trying to convince her that running on the sand is easier on your legs, because the impact of your footfalls is softer on the sand than on the concrete. She admitted that she had been having some knee pain as she has continued to run on the most consistent schedule she can manage despite the pain. Being an HVAC technician requires a lot of strenuous physical activity, but we still try to get strength exercises in as well!



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