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How to cut costs on my energy bill

I’ve started to realize that it’s time for me to start trimming costs in all sorts of ways, because things are getting expensive.

Inflation problems don’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, inflation will probably go up. One of the first things I thought to reduce my spending on was the use of my air conditioning system. I have to admit that I’ve been keeping things a lot cooler in my home than I really need to. It’s all right, because I’m going to start using fans to keep things cool in my home this month instead of running the air conditioner so much. I also suspect that my air conditioner needs to be worked on. I think it just needs a thorough cleaning. It’s October so it’s actually going to start getting cold pretty soon. I was informed by my HVAC technician that heating actually ends up costing a lot more money than cooling in the end, so I’ll have to keep that in mind. I’m simply going to need to wear extra layers in the house when it’s cold during this fall and winter. I also may just snuggle up with my cats more, because they’re almost like little heaters in and of themselves. He also told me that rates will be going up by 50% this month, so it really is a good idea to start saving money. Pretty soon, I’ll be getting a roommate for my apartment so my costs will be cut in half. That will be nice!

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