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No Air Conditioning for Three Days Now

I’ve begun my trimming down month by cutting back on the air conditioner usage as my power bill was outrageous last month.

I think maybe my HVAC system isn’t that efficient because it is using a lot of power to cool down the flat.

Maybe the grill needs to be cleaned on the condenser inside the air handler or maybe it is just a cheap and inefficient model, but whatever the case may be I need to cut back on my AC use. I’ve been keeping it very cold here, much colder than I need it to be, but now I am going to just use fans to stay cool this month. We are in October too so it is starting to cool down and I really don’t need to run the air anymore. I need to really be careful in the winter because the heating uses a lot more energy than the cooling does as I found out online yesterday. I can just wear more clothes in the flat and I should be okay. My cats can keep me warm too because they sleep with me at night and are like little heaters themselves. My HVAC tech pal told me that the rates went up about 50% since last year and will probably go up even more. I will get a flatmate next month and none of this will be a big deal then as my rent and utilities will be cut in half. I will also work more for the new contractor in town and make more cash each month.
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