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Nobody likes leg day

I wouldn’t say that leg day is my favorite exercise day, but I know it’s necessary to get a good workout throughout your week.

I have a very simple leg exercise that I do on the beach, and I don’t have to pay anything for it.

I used to belong to a gym, but I got really sick of having to drive all the way out there just to work out in a dingy dungeon-like atmosphere. My leg workout routine on the beach uses heavy burlap bags filled with sand that I tie to my legs while I do lunges and broad jumps. My HVAC specialist friend showed me this work out a long time ago, and I must say that it has been quite effective for me ever since. It’s a pretty easy way to train my legs when I don’t have the benefit of barbells or weights. My job as an HVAC technician has been pretty hard on my knees lately, and they’ve been hurting pretty bad. However, today, for whatever reason, they felt much better, so I decided to go for a little leg training on the beach. I prefer training my legs on the sand, because the impacts of my footfalls are not as severely felt as if I was training on concrete. I have a friend of mine who works at the same HVAC company who seems to have the same issues with her knees, because she runs nearly every day down the sidewalk in her neighborhood. I’ve been trying to get her to start running on the beach, but she informed me that she doesn’t live close enough for that to be a viable option. It’s rough out here for an HVAC worker who wants to keep in shape. I’m still definitely bending at the knees when doing HVAC work instead of bending with my back, that’s for sure!

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