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Do you have a favorite color? I do, mine is yellow.

When I think of colors I have a certain mood or emotion that they bring to mind.

I think most people associate colors with something. Red is usually associated with anger or passion. Green with cool and calm, blue with tranquility or sadness. Yellow, for me anyways, brings to mind cheerfulness and excitement. I think of sunflowers and sunshine. Warm summer days spent relaxing at the beach. I just love the color yellow. Here’s the funny thing, I associate grey with money. I know that sounds weird but I hate to waste money. For some reason the thought of spending money needlessly makes me grey. I was very “grey” when my air conditioner broke down last week. I called for the repairs and the technician gave me a very large invoice for the services. I was shocked at how much it was. When I asked if any of the repairs were covered he informed me that I did not keep up with annual maintenance and that my warranty was now null and void. I have learned a very valuable lesson from this experience. I need to pay attention and keep up with the maintenance on my appliances. I paid a lot for the system to begin with and now I will have to pay more each time I have it serviced. I did look into purchasing a service agreement from my HVAC dealer. He said that there is one available but it is very costly as well. I am seeing “red” over this at myself for not paying attention. In the future, if I want to keep my sunny disposition, I will be more diligent for sure.



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