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Energy saving tips

My wife and I have a pretty big house.

Since the kids don’t live at home anymore we have been trying to find ways to save a little bit of money around the house.

I thought there had to be a way to save money on our energy bills because we didn’t have anyone else in the house to make the bills higher. One day I was on a walk around the neighborhood and one of my friends stopped me to tell me that he just installed a solar panel on his roof. He said the electric company was giving him money back each month because he was putting energy on the grid for other people to use. I thought this would be a great way for my wife and to save some money too. I know it would cost some money up front, but I think the savings in the end would be worth it. I decided to call our HVAC company the next day to see if they could help me install the solar panel. Thankfully, the HVAC tech I spoke with had just been trained on installing solar panels. I am going to have the HVAC company come out to my house next week and begin installing the solar panels. I am so excited because I really think that this is going to help us save a ton of money in the long run. I also think my wife is really excited about it too!

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